It is more blessed to give than to receive!

“Bush Blessing” – baby “Alby” a newborn Merino lamb.

Being a bush person, I am privileged to witness so many miracles on a daily basis. The miracle of new birth in our livestock as well as the native animals, and it always gives me a special thrill to see a baby, whether it is a human baby or one from the animal world.

To see firsthand the fragility of a newborn as its mother hovers closely-by ready to defend it from any intruders. In the case of a brahman cow, get too close to her calf and you’d best be ready to run as she will not tolerate an infringement on her designated “no go zone” and if encroached upon, she will then consider the person to be a threat and retreat is the better course of valour!

The other great pleasure I get to see is the ” vision splendid of the sunlit plains extended, and at night the wond’rous glory of the everlasting stars” to quote the great bush bard, A.B Patterson in his classic poem “Clancy of the Overflow“. This truly is a magnificence that never gets old or stale, and I love to take the time to just to look up and out from my place out in the scrub where I call home, 11 hours west of Brisbane as the crow flies, on an 89,000 acre sheep and cattle property. Being in the outback, there is no impediment of city lights to stop the shining of the millions of stars as they declare the glory of the heavens, or high-rise buildings to block out a breathtaking sunset that is painted by God, the master creator Himself.

Our nation is a very blessed country. We have huge amounts of space that is vastly populated by our relatively small number of people. Our natural resources are the envy of the world; the wonders of our Great Barrier Reef, the outback and the fertile valleys and plains that provide so easily for our small number of citizens, with ample left over to help provide the needs of the many nations around the world.

The Bush Store in the spirit of our nation, loves to bless others as we recognise it is more blessed to give than to receive. We truly live in the most blessed nation on earth and as so thankful that we can call Australia home. My forebears came here as convicts on the First Fleet, and I for one, am so grateful that they were assigned (even in chains) to do their penitentiary here in the “new world”. If they hadn’t been transported to Australia for their crimes (stealing a loaf of bread etc) then I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this blog about the “Bush Blessing”! Good truly can come from bad.

There is no greater joy than to put a smile on a person’s face when they are given a gift that they were not expecting. That is why last month in June we started our “Bush Blessing” which give the opportunity for people to nominate a person/s that they would love to see be given the chance to receive a free Australian made handbag made in the factory of the Australian Bush Collection in Tempe, Sydney who have been making 100% leather handbags, bags, wallets and belts to the highest standards for the past 35 years.

In the month of June we got such a thrill from being able to bless two beautiful women – Phillis and Dale, that I thought – “hey, let’s do this all over again!”

If you would like to join in the “Bush Blessing” you may nominate yourself or nominate other people and also say why you are nominating them, by going to The Bush Store FB page and writing a comment under the “Bush Blessing” post, and they will then be added to the “Wheel of Names”, and on Friday night at 7:30pm during a FB live, a random person will be chosen as the recipient of our July blessing.

Thank you for being part of our “Bush Blessing”, and for being so kind entering a persons name whom you consider would really benefit from being blessed with a free gift.

Tricia xox

on behalf of partners – Zara and Skye.