It’s all about BUSH


Australian Bush Collection has been manufacturing in Australia for 35 years. 

The company was purchased the business 35 years ago, it was a small business employing 3 staff, producing fashion handbags to support the seasonal colours required by the shoe industry. 

This period were the golden days of manufacturing in Australia, with 0 imported leather goods. 

All our products are 100% Made in Australia.

Primarily we produce our own Brand but also do contact Corporate and some contract fashion work.

Presently we employ 15 staff in our Sydney manufacturing business, most of whom have been with us over 12 years.

This gives us consistency in quality of our production and on time deliveries.

About our Products

All our Leathergoods are hand made by tradesmen in our Sydney factory.

The leathers we use are contract tanned to our specification.

Real Leather is used in all the handles, bindings and pipings

Inking all the edges of cut leather are hand inked.

The linings we use are water resistant.

The zippers we use are the YKK brand, costing more than regular zippers but who give Lifetime Warranty on their product.

The metal fittings we use are lacquered, to resist tarnishing.

All of the above leads to a consistent quality and timely delivery.

We take pride in, and stand behind the products we make. 

We offer Lifetime Mechanical Warranty on all our products, meaning that if there is a problem with any of our products, we repair and return to the customer, for free.


The bags have a card inside which says 1 year guarantee (for manufacturing faults of component failure). 

We have extended the guarantee tolifetime free mechanical maitenance

meaning that if something breaks on the bag in its lifetime, we will repair it for free. This is better than the Rolls Royce warranty!

For example, if someone from Overseas buys our bag and they have something break on the bag (anytime), they must return it to us as per address on the BUSH guarantee card or swing tag. 

On receipt of the faulty item we repair it for free and return to them for free with a gift. 

We do not allow shops to replace a faulty bag with a new one, rather we repair and return the repaired bag to the customer at our cost.


Why are BUSH bags special and how different are they to other bags in the market.

1.They are 100% Made in Australia from unique cow hide leathers.

  1. Also Australian Bush Collection has been manufacturing in Australia for 35 years. 
  1. The long lasting quality of the BUSH items we manufacture is evident from the attention to detail we pay in manufacturing, with special care to the following:

– YKK zippers are used in all the BUSH bags (YKK offer lifetime 

             guarantee on them). 

– Lacquered hardware are used to prevent discolouring/tarnishing. 

– Waterproof liningsare used in all the BUSH Leather bags. 

  This prevents the leather from staining if spillage occurs on the inside.

  –The metal fittings we use are lacquered, to resist tarnishing.