Meet the family TriciaZaraSkye

Tricia along with her siblings spent their formative years at Hughenden and then Mt Isa and Charleville. Their love of the bush was taught to them by their father and mother (who is a 5th generation bush woman herself). Being reared on a remote cattle station with mostly their siblings and the kids of the family whose father worked in the mustering camp for company, has caused their family a deep appreciation for the bush culture and traditions.

Tricia has a background in retail, and this has helped to fuel the momentum to starting “The Bush Store”. Tricia had her own clothing shop in Charleville for some years after leaving school called “Country Classics”.

Tricia along with her husband and three daughters (two of whom – Zara and Skye) are now part of  The Bush Store, have a wool and cattle operation at Wyandra. Tricia is the founder of the Bush Kids Facebook page and has a keen interest in promoting the bush culture and helping to provide links between the city and country as she recognises that there is a great divide between the two worlds. Tricia is a keen amateur photographer who also a regular contributor to the Rural Weekly newspaper.

Zara left boarding school after year 12, and decided to come home and help her family out for her “gap” year. As most of Queensland was in very dry times along with the family property, she spent her days feeding livestock, fencing – lots of fencing, mustering as well as the regular station hand jobs. Zara tried a stint in the big smoke at university, but found her love of the land too strong and came back to the property to work with her family who were still going through dry times. Zara is a very keen bush woman who is keen to experience more of the Australian outback. Zara recognises the importance of platforms such as The Bush Store, to give voice to the bush culture as there is very strong messaging through much of The Bush Store merchandise, which is constantly evolving and changing.

Skye has only recently left school and is doing her “gap” year helping on the family property feeding animals -lots of animals, mustering, fencing – not so keen on this as well as another station activity that needs to be attended to.  Skye has a deep love for the land and values her bush heritage. She has been a hands-on-helper with the Store since its inception and is learning about retail through this family venture.


Who is The Bush Store

The Bush Store is an on-going progression from the ever-popular Bush Kids Facebook page, established in 2013 to encourage Australians to link themselves back into their bush heritage.

We are a bush family who have our roots steeped in the agricultural history of Australia, who live and breathe rural life. Our identity has been forged in the bush way of life, and we are committed to passing the bush traditions onto the next generation of food and fibre producers. We also recognise that bush people do not promote themselves or indeed agriculture very well, so with that in mind we are hoping to add our contribution to this necessary market and help fly the flag for all Primary Producers that make up only 0.5 of the population but who contribute 93% to the food and fibre production in Australia.

The Bush Store will stock official merchandise of Bush Kids Australia, plus items that we feel will be of interest to city and country people alike. We look forward to increasing the range as we meet the awaking market that will realise the value of agriculture and her people to our nation. We will use this store as a platform to help promote the huge input the bush/country/farm and regional sectors add to Australia’s economy which in turn ensures Australia’s independence as an Island Nation.

We are proud to promote rural Australia to our fellow Australians and along with you, send the message of the power, strength and resilience of the Australian bush people, mostly against many odds and much adversity to the rest of our Nation and hopefully to the world.

Hats off to all the sons and daughters past and present of the Australian bush, thanks Bush Kids, we salute you!!!