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Farmers Friend Bags…

 Our Farmers Friend Jute Shopping bags…!

Bags are necessary to carry miscellaneous items such as shopping, fruit and veg, your towel and togs, shoes, or even store your stock hat!

Our Eco-friendly bags are made from Jute that is not harmful to the environment and do not cause environmental pollution like plastic bags.

They are made from recyclable materials and can be used over and over! Great quality, with stitched handles, they are great value at just $15.00 Each.

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What’s New?

We are proud retailers of the Australian Bush Collection who specialise in 100% Leather Bags made by tradesmen in their Sydney factory.

The leathers are contract tanned to their specification. Real Leather is used in all the handles, bindings and pipings. All of the edges of cut leather are hand inked. The linings are water resistant. The zippers are the YKK brand, costing more than regular zippers but  give Lifetime Warranty on their product. The metal fittings are lacquered, to resist tarnishing. 

The Australian Bush Collection take pride in, and stand behind the products they make. They offer Lifetime Mechanical Warranty on all our products, meaning that if there is a problem with any of their products, they repair and return to the customer, for free.

Proudly Australian, proudly supporting Australian Made...

Let’s get to know each other!

We are a bush family who have our roots steeped in the agricultural history of Australia, who live and breathe rural life. Our identity has been forged in the bush way of life, and we are committed to passing the bush traditions onto the next generation of food and fibre producers. We also recognise that bush people do not promote themselves or indeed agriculture very well, so with that in mind we are hoping to add our contribution to this necessary market and help fly the flag for all Primary Producers that make up only 0.5 of the population but who contribute 93% to the food and fibre production in Australia.

The Bush Store will stock official merchandise of Bush Kids Australia, plus items that we feel will be of interest to city and country people alike. We look forward to increasing the range as we meet the awaking market that will realise the value of agriculture and her people to our nation. We will use this store as a platform to help promote the huge input the bush/country/farm and regional sectors add to Australia’s economy which in turn ensures Australia’s independence as an Island Nation.

Electric Blue Pebble 100% Leather Australian made Bucket Bag

100% Aussie Made Leather Handbags

Our Collection includes beautiful Australian made 100% leather Handbags, our original designs in T-Shirts, Caps and Enamel Mugs, as well as stocking stunning Australian fashion Accessories. Our “Farmers Friend” shopping bags have been sold all over Australia and even overseas! Thank  you for  supporting a genuine bush family.

Pictured: Leopard Print Postie Bag from the Australian Bush Collection manufacturers in Sydney, Australia!


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